Art Intelligentsia offers exclusive learning opportunities at museums, galleries, private residences and artist studios. Groups, couples, and individuals can arrange bespoke art programs that elevate the mind and foster profound art understanding.

An internationally revered professor and art historian, Dr. Barbara Stehle shares her luminous insight and engaging discourse around a multiplicity of contemporary and historical art topics. 

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Art Intelligentsia programing is led by Dr. Barbara Stehle

After earning her PhD in Contemporary Art History from the Sorbonne, Dr. Stehle taught at the Rhode Island School of Design for over a decade and worked at several museums in the US and Europe, including the Centre George Pompidou in Paris and the Zurich Kunsthaus in Switzerland. 

Her research on Max Beckmann has been published in major exhibition catalogues, and as a historian of modernism, she is a passionate advocate for the importance of postmodernism and women in art. She is also the art editor of LUXE Magazine and an art advisor for numerous art collections. 


A taste of what clients have to say about Art Intelligentsia and their experience with Dr. Barbara Stehle:

I must be extravagant in my appreciation of Barbara as a uniquely exciting and inspiring teacher. For all her organized and orderly approach each meeting is a joyful, enthusiastic and animated affair. She brings to bear extraordinary erudition and a perspective which encompasses all of Art History whatever the focus of the moment may be. That said, for me the most valuable experience she has offered me has occurred confronting individual works with acute discernment and articulated observations.
She has enabled me to SEE more and better than ever before. Learning from her is a delight.

Dr. Donald Marcuse

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I highly recommend Barbara’s tours and corporate events. Her breadth and depth of knowledge are astounding. She piques one’s intellectual curiosity through her exploration of theory and history while enlivening her lectures with passion and humor. Her studio lecture for our corporate offsite was rightly described by attendees as “brilliant,” “superb” and “a real highlight.” And her tour of Unfinished at the Met Breuer enhanced enjoyment through understanding. 

Deirdre Silver
Associate General Counsel (Global), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


I relish in Dr. Stehlé's uncanny ability to bring contemporary art to life and turn any part of art history into an inspiring narrative about human nature. She's able to marry within one sentence in-depth scholarly knowledge with epic biographical insider's information into an enlightening commentary that makes me feel in no time intelligent, eager and energized. Rush and sign up for her lectures and visits!

Francis Cholle


When you stand in front of a work of art with Barbara Stehle and listen to her describe it to you with the passion, insight and encyclopedic knowledge that she brings to all kinds of  art, you can be sure that you will never look at that work again in the same way. In fact, you will never look at any work of art in the same way. Barbara lights up a gate that reveals a path that you will be very glad you found.

Judy Glassman

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I have had the privilege to attend Dr Stehle's conference at the Met. Her extensive knowledge of not only the material, but the social, economical and political context of each piece makes her presentation enlightening. It is not possible to look at art in the same way after spending time with her. She opens an entire world to the eye, a new significance, both in the structure and the lecture of each piece she presents. I cannot recommend enough attending any event she organizes. She is a light not to be missed. 

Véronique Noé



As an entrepreneur, I am always seeking innovation. No better place than in a museum, where the courageous makers of culture and breakers of convention are there for us to soak up. Dr. Stehle's tours and lectures provide  the perfect window into which to view art in digestible and stimulating sessions.  Her bright wit and layered knowledge combine to make every tour a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  I never want to view art without her again! 

Jennie Dundas
  Owner, Blue Marble Ice Cream

The Max Beckmann tour was one of the best things I have ever seen, and I have been torturing my wife for missing it.

David S. Neill